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Time Warner Cable Texas Invitational

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I’ve been busy the last two days shooting my first softball games of the season here in Austin at the Time Warner Cable Texas Invitational.  The action is good, the weather is great and the pizza with the flavored crust in the press box is the best!  🙂 

Although there are several teams playing in the Time Warner Cable Texas Invitational at McCombs Field, I have been focusing on the Texas Longhorns.  They won their first two games of the season yesterday and dropped one to Iowa this afternoon.  I still haven’t seen the results of their latest game against Iowa this afternoon, but they were up by 1 run before I had to head out. 

I’ve been looking for photos outside of the normal action shots and here are a few photos that I didn’t turn in for publication…You can see more @ under the Multimedia tab! 

Kori Cook and Kacie Gaskin

Nadia Taylor

It has been a blast shooting the tournament, as I’ve been the only photographer there and haven’t been fighting for space…..Not to mention everyone running the tournament has been extremely helpful and accommodating.  I hope it is a sign of the season ahead! 



More to come!


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February 8, 2009 at 2:52 am


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University of Texas baseball photography by Austin photographer Patrick Meredith

Let me preface this by saying that I hate blogger and I don’t understand why I can’t get the layout functions to work like they should…

It seems like forever since I was sitting in a photo well, ducking line drives, chewing on sunflower seeds and fighting the Texas sun on a baseball field. …. …. …. Well … … … The time has come!

I got my start in sports photography shooting baseball in Neosho, Missouri. I found myself in the dugout covering the baseball team for the college newspaper (which I happened to be photo editor of -small plug-).

Texas UIL State Tournament in Round Rock

I was still shooting film with a Nikon F4, a 70-300mm zoom lens and Tri-X 3200 that I developed in the college darkroom (which I also had a key to). I had a 500mm mirror lens that I used from time to time, but it was total junk…

Anyhow, I found myself fortunate enough to cover a number of local high school teams here in Austin, the University of Texas Longhorns baseball and softball teams, the Round Rock Express, the USA Olympic softball team and even some T-Ball on some weekends.
The University of Texas baseball and softball teams start their season in a couple weeks and this weekend, respectively.

Southwestern University in Georgetown

So I’m off to shoot the Time Warner Cable Texas Invitational Softball Tournament here in Austin this weekend. Should be a fun time out in the nice 70 degree weather! Plus the softball complex has some nice photo positions, granted there aren’t 5 TV crews clamming for space.

Texas UIL State Tournament

In order to kick off the ’09 base/softball season, I took a quick look through some of my ’08 assignments and thought I would post some here!

USA Olympic Softball – photos by Austin photographer Patrick Meredith

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February 6, 2009 at 2:48 am