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Reason #1 to adopt animals

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Brazos and Hank - Two rescued dogs

Brazos and Hank - Two rescued dogs

After several complaints about the mistreatment of animals were made to the Newton County Sheriff’s office in Seneca, Missouri (my hometown!), the police issued a search warrant to Jewell Bond and raided her business, JB’s Precious Puppies, a breeding kennel just outside of the city limits.

What they found was sick and cruel. Over 200 dogs. living inside filthy cages made for rabbits, several cats and even a Bengal tiger, which was over 200 pounds underweight. The animals were transported to St. Louis where they are undergoing rehabilitation and hopefully adoption. You can read the whole story online HERE and HERE and

It just sickens me to know that the kennel was raided before in 2007, where over 100 animals were taken out of their custody for the same reasons.

This is one of the main reasons why I tell people to look in other directions to find their next pet. I can’t even count the number of compliments and questions I’ve gotten about Hank and Brazos, my two dogs. “Where did you get them?” “They have wonderful colors!” “That is the cutest dog ever!” etc etc

Brazos was rescued from the Austin based non-profit Mix Breed Rescue, while Hank was rescued from a very crazy person that found him on the side of the highway.

The earliest known photo of Brazos...

The earliest known photo of Brazos...

There are several options for adopting a pet in Central Texas, including these: (If you look through this site, you will have a new dog very shortly)

And while I haven’t visited every link on THIS PAGE, I’m sure my girlfriend will. It has links to just about every Shelter, rescue and foster site in Austin and the surrounding communities listed.

Do yourself, the animals and the world a favor and adopt your next pet. The fewer Jewell Bonds there are out there, the better.


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