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What a weekend…

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The 2009 NCAA Baseball Regional Tournament swung through Austin at UFCU Disch-Falk Field this past weekend and I was there to document -every- game, including the history making 25 inning game with the Texas Longhorns vs Boston College.  I shot more photos in the last few days than I have shot in the same time period, even in my full-time staff positions.  I shot over 20gigs worth of photos….I’ve only done a quick edit through about half of that, so I’ve got some more work to be doing over the next few days…

Texas Longhorns vs Boston College Longest game in History

This was the scene around 12:45a.m., near the 2oth inning when Austin Wood was still pitching…The stands were still PACKED with people, which I thought was pretty surprising.  The UT games sold out each night, with attendence well over 8,000 (I believe they said there were 6,832 seats?), including general admission.

Matt Hempel, who works for the UT athletic department, took this photo of me at some point during the 7 hour game.

Austin photographer Patrick Meredith

I felt like a zombie around the 16th inning.  I had to put my cameras down for a few minutes and take a rest.  Looking back, I guess it was pretty cool being there to witness the great pitching and horrible hitting, but at the time, I just wanted the game to get over.  Following the Longhorns 3-2 win, I still had to shoot the press conference.  I didn’t get home until after 2a.m.

I had to be back to the stadium by 10a.m. to set up remotes, get my pregame stuff and eat 5 more hotdogs, but I didn’t get there until 11:30a.m. for the noon game.  I slept right through my alarm, but I managed to wake up and grab some photos from the days game.

Boston College baseball 2009 NCAA Regional

The heat, for the entire weekend, was in the lower to mid-90’s, with a heat index around 100.  The field was so hot it made it almost impossible to sit in the photo wells, so I shot a lot of photos from the stands, such as the one above and below.

Army vs. UT baseball 2009 NCAA Regional

EVERY game was good and full of action…unlike a lot of games I’ve covered over the last couple of years.  Things always get better in the post season, as these guys seem put a lot more into playing.  Every throw has just a bit more ‘umpfh’ and the players are diving around everywhere.  Lots and Lots of jube…

Army baseball 2009 Austin Regional

Even the coaches weren’t immune from the celebration/dejection bug, as they tend to be.  I’ve got some great shots of Coach Augie that I still haven’t edited yet that I plan on posting at some point…

Boston College vs Army 2009 NCAA regional

As the heat of the day began to wear off, I slowly made my way back down to field level to shoot some action from eye level.  In a majority of baseball fields, there are HUGE ads that distract your eye away from the action.  Disch-Faulk Field is one of the exceptions though…There are two ads that I can think of (both are bright red…), but there are no ads on the outfield walls, which is pretty unusual and makes your photos that much better.

Eagles Boston College 2009 NCAA regional

And the typical pitcher shot.  I don’t know how many pitches I photographed, but I lost count after the first two days.  I need to get stalking through the rest of the photos I have on my harddrive and get them online, so I’m out of here.  I was hoping this weekend wouldn’t be so crazy, but it looks like the Austin Aztexs have two games and I’ve already gotten multiple calls about covering UIL State Tournaments as well.   Oh boy….

Advertisements vaulting?

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So I got a couple of calls to shoot the 2009 NCAA Baseball Austin Regional Tournament over at Disch-Faulk Field this weekend.  I’m scheduled to shoot 7 games in three days, so it should be an interesting/long/sunburnt weekend.  I’m traveling up to Round Rock tonight to see the Round Rock Express end their week long homestead with a game against the Salt Lake Bees.  I’m going to go shoot while the light is pretty (7pm start) then retire to a seat with a fat hotdog (because I don’t eat enough of them already) and enjoy some baseball…

In closing, I thought I would share a couple of photos I shot during the Sports Shooter Academy held in Irvine last month to take my mind off of baseball for a moment.  I just thought the series was pretty funny.  The coach was silent the entire time until he made fun of this pole vaulter.

Photos by Austin sports photographer Patrick Meredith

Photos by Austin sports photographer Patrick Meredith

More photos to come.  I’ve been busy shooting…Triathlons,portraits, soccer games….yikes.  It might be Monday or Tuesday before I get back though.  🙂