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Dell Diamond at sunset Round Rock Express

It has been a hot minute since I last updated (literally one of the hottest summers in history), but here we go.  As I mentioned on a previous update, I shot the Round Rock Express‘ last home game against Nashville Sounds a couple nights ago.  Pretty fun shooting some baseball again.  They are ending their season this weekend/Monday, so you should get out there and watch some baseball while you still can.

Nashville Sounds Chris Cody

The action was pretty good, including a small collision with the pitcher and the catcher of the Sounds…

Reggie Abercrombie Round Rock Express

Despite having a couple of bad at bats, Reggie Abercrombie came through with 2 RBIs and a couple of nice catches near center field.

Round Rock Express

I also grabbed a bunch of detail shots (kind of like the one above) and some panoramas from just about every angle I could find…

A view from the stands at the Dell Diamond during a Round Rock Express baseball game in Round Rock.

A view from the stands at the Dell Diamond during a Round Rock Express baseball game in Round Rock.

I also shot the second to last home game of the Austin Aztex.  Pretty fun night as usual, but the lights kill me over at Nelson Field.  Thankfully they are moving to House Park (on Lamar/15th)  next season…The lights aren’t any better, but it is a short walk from my house.

Jamie Watson Austin Aztex soccer

Joining the Aztex again was Jamie Watson, who played in Austin last season.  The kid was the top scorer in the USL-2 with 12 goals and 6 assists.  He didn’t score any of the goals in the 1-0 win over Miami, but he took a couple of shots at the goal when he was put in towards the end of the game.

 Eddie Johnson Austin Aztex

Eddie Johnson scored the sole goal, which was enough for the win…The first win in 10 games, dating back to early July.  Always good to see our   take the win.  The last game of the season is on the 7th.  If you haven’t been, it is a lot of fun.  Any why wait until next year when you can do it now?

I also shot my first ‘real’ high school football game on Friday, the Taco Shack Bowl.  I say ‘real’ as in Friday Night Lights.  It was a lot of fun being on the sidelines again and I can’t wait until the season gets into full swing…

Taco Shack Bowl House Park Austin Texas

Taco Shack Bowl House Park Austin Texas

Taco Shack Bowl House Park Austin Texas

House Park Austin Tx

Above is House Park on Lamar and 15th street, the new home of the Austin Aztex.  Check out that view!  You can see the Capitol Building from the stands too.  The stadium, which seats around 5,000 people, should be a better venue for the Aztex.  The sidelines aren’t big and there is no track running around the field, making it less dangerous for players and allowing the fans to sit almost on top of the action.  All they need to do is install some new lights and everyone (me) will be happy.

In other news, VOLLEYBALL HAS JUST BEGUN!!!!!  I’m very excited about this.  Volleyball has got to be one of the hardest sports to shoot.  Granted anyone can shoot a serve and the players standing around, but only really talented photographers can make great images at a game.  Most venues are dimly lit, the action is really fast and the ball can go in any direction.  In any event, it is one of my favorite sports to shoot, even though I’ve only shot 3 or 4 games.  Hopefully this season will change those numbers a bit and yield a couple images for me to post.  Here are two from last season that I enjoyed…..

Caldwell High School Volleyball


And that is it for the moment.

Pedernales Park Johnson City TXHank at Pedernales Falls near Johnson City, TX


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