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So I’ve been a little busy shooting sports here in Austin.  I shot 7 baseball games last weekend, 4 softball games, 1 baseball game, 3 normal assignments and a soccer game this weekend.  A little bit of work, but a lot of fun.  I also managed to shoot a roll of film on my Rollei as well, so hopefully some good stuff to come…

Austin Aztex vs Charleston BatteryAs I’ve mentioned in some previous posts, I’m the official photographer for the local USL-1 soccer club, the Austin Aztex.  They hosted #1 Charleston Battery for a two game homestead…They lost 0-2 the other night and tied 1-1 this afternoon.

Michael Torres Texas Longhorns baseball

I also shot the Texas Longhorns 10-4 win over TCU at UFCU Disch-Falk Feild the other night.  Michael Torres was on fire the entire game.  After he smacked his first home run and got another hit, I positioned myself up high to get a reaction shot if he crossed the plate again.  Lucky for me, he hit a 3 shot homer to seal the Longhorns win and I got a decent frame.  I usually shoot these shots pretty tight with a 300mm, but I switched to my D2H with the 80-200mm and shot it a little loose.  I like how Torres is jumping off the plate…

And I also nabbed a cool shot of Conner Rowe hitting the outfield wall while making a catch.  Kind of a wild story with how I captured it….

Connor Rowe UT baseball

…I have been having problems with my D300 (I need to send it in, but I can’t find the time off!), and it somehow got switched into an auto bracketing mode…I had no idea what was going on with the camera, as the exposures were off the charts…It would only fire a three shot burst and I thought my camera was toast.  I went ahead and did the green button reset and it started firing normally again.  BUT…My 300 stopped focusing!  Then I heard the crack of a bat and I saw Rowe running across the field…I pulled the camera up and tracked him across the field using manual focus and fired off 2 frames.  It ended up running in the Statesman today, but it was one heck of a crop.  I’m surprised it worked at all.  Sometimes you get lucky….(My 300 still focuses, but what I didn’t realize was that when you do a camera reset, it changes the focusing buttons all around…Took me another five minutes to figure that one out…ouch 🙂 )

Chance Ruffin

And why not another photo?  Pretty typical pitcher shot, but I’m digging it.  Gotta love the umpire/weird background.  I’m still amazed at the detail you can pull out of these D300 files…I guess it isn’t that abnormal, as I came from the D2H…anyway…

UIL State Baseball Austin Texas 2009

I also spent a good part of my Friday/Saturday shooting the 2009 UIL State Softball Tournament held in the UT softball stadium..I can’t remember what it is called at the moment.  McCombs Field?  That’s my guess anyway.

UIL State Softball Tournament

And in my effort to try and bring new images to my clients, I strayed away from the flock of other photographers there and headed to the outfield to shoot the batters and get a new view on the bases.  Nothing exciting happened for the 2 innings I was out there, but it was nice to shoot by myself and have the breeze whipping past me on the big scaffolding.  It wasn’t nice trying to climb up a sketchy ladder with three cameras/lenses strapped to my body though.  And speaking of…

Austin Sports photographer Patrick Meredith

…From one of the 2 remotes I set up at the Aztex game tonight.  At least I got one fantastic shot…..woooooooo

more to come……

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