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SSA – Saturday

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So today marked the end of the Sports Shooter Academy here in Irvine, California. The day kicked off with a breakfast buffet and a couple of awards were given out to the students with the best portfolio of work, best single photo and work ethic during the workshop. I met some really cool people that I hope to work with in the future, shot 5 minutes of water polo (before being kicked out because I forgot my credential) and didn’t make a single interesting frame. Out of all of these photos I’ve posted here, I didn’t submit any of these into the nightly edits.

Nikon was one of sponsors of the event and Bill and Ron brought in ALL of the big/little guns in the Nikon lineup for people to try out/test. If you look at the FunPix over at SportsShooter, you can see me with a D3 and a 600mm f4 AFS VR with a 1.4 extender shooting some horse racing. The combo produced soft images, but the lens was perfect without the extender. I didn’t try it out with the 1.7 or the 2 though….I got my hands on just about all the latest and greatest glass (200 f2, 24-70, 200-400, 400 f2.8 AFS VR, 500 f4 etc) and I now I have to buy a 400mm AFSII with a 1.4 extender. That and a D3. I just have to sell a kidney.


Now for a few hours on the plane and a layover in Denver……yikes.  I’m pretty stoked to apply some of the stuff I learned to some of my next assignments this week.  We’ll see…..


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April 13, 2009 at 5:13 am

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