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I whipped up a burger on the new grill outside……mmmmmmmmm

(Click for a bigger view)

A wild salmon burger complete with organic baby spinach, organic tomatoes, pepper jack and garlic cheese and topped with mayo and lemon pepper on a toasted bun. Washed it down with one of Amelia’s LandShark beers…Which is surprisingly good.

I didn’t set out to take a photo of my lunch, but it is good to take some photos of my own for a second. Speaking of, I was trying to catch this little butterfly gathering some nectar on these tiny little flowers but I scared him off. So here is a photo of the flower. The entire group is less than an inch wide…

(Click for a larger view)

I’m going to head out of here around 3 p.m. to shoot some pre-game stuff and to give myself an hour for traffic. I am listening to the radio and they are saying downtown is impossible to get around in right now. ouch. I can’t wait…

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August 30, 2008 at 6:33 pm

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