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Amelia is buying a car as I type this, so no Round Rock Express baseball game tonight. Instead I’m going to update with some photos that never made it to print.

Speaking of baseball, I shot a number of games for Southwestern University in Georgetown…

This one never was printed (for obvious reasons), but it was on the Mutiny Bikes & Coalition BMX sites a while ago. Hanson Little doing a nice one over the hip into the deep end on the last night of the Skatepark of Austin.

Hanson Little

When I was working at the newspaper in Georgetown, I had the double duty of being the chief photographer and the photo editor. All for a pay decrease and a 35 minute commute from the job I left to take the position. Not to mention the normal 60-70 hour workweek that included the weekends. ALL OF THEM.

One day I was sitting at my desk doing something and I heard over the scanner that a naked man with a weapon had barracaded himself inside the courthouse across the street from the office…
I grabbed my cameras and set out the door running. I climbed up to the third story to shoot from the story from above (they were on a balcony where you couldn’t see up).
The man had stripped off all his clothes, pulled out a sword that was hidden in his cane and said he was going to kill some people. That didn’t happen. Pretty crazy still….

Surrounded by police and covered with his own shirt on the balcony of one of the oldest
courthouses in Central Texas….

This is out from the AP. Thanks to bmxboard I found this little funny story from the AP…

ST. PAUL (AP) – An orange trail of Cheetos led St. Paul police to three teenagers suspected of burglarizing a vending machine.

Officers were called to the Arlington Recreation Center on July 29, where they found a vending machine’s glass had been broken with a chair. Most of the candy and chips were missing, according to a criminal complaint.

The officers followed a trail of snack debris from the rec center, around the side of the building and to a nearby home. Inside, they found numerous vending-sized bags of Cheetos and other snacks.

Police arrested three males aged 17, 18 and 19 who soon arrived at the home by car. The two adults are charged with third-degree burglary; the 17-year-old is charged with criminal damage to property.

All three denied being involved, the complaint says.

More to come….

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August 11, 2008 at 10:08 pm

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